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When you choose Merakee Labs as your professional document translation services, you get access to one of the most flexible services providers who can translate documents online which means you have 24/7 access to us. Whether you have to translate to Arabic, German, French or any other language, we have complete proficiency to translate all languages and categories of documents such as legal documents, film scripts, PDFs, business presentations and more.

We strictly don’t rely on machine based automated translation services, hence for improved accuracy and relevancy, we have leveraged highly qualified human translators, so that your document gets complete ‘reference to the context’ and the meaning is not lost while translation.

The translation process is the conversion of textual information in one language to another language. When we deploy humans to carry out the process, we do it with a rational approach because we know that only a human translator can actually translate it linguistically as well as keeping the meaning of the sentence intact. Our translation team is comprised of proven, experienced and highly trained professionals whose track records and happy clients speak for them.

With highly effective and impactful translation services from Merakee Labs your document gets access to a global audience and caters to their requirements locally. So, level up your global reach and reach out to a wider category of users across demographics for your business with Merakee Labs.

How It Works


From English To Translation Rate (USD cent/source word)
French 6
German 6
Japanese 8
Spanish 6
Italian 6
Dutch 6
Danish 6
Finnish 8
Chinese Simplified 5
Chinese Traditional 5
Korean 6
Czech 6
Polish 6
Turkish 8
Russian 6
Hebrew 8

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