Image Annotation Services

Ultra-precise labeling for images with excellent image annotation services is what Merakee Labs specialize at. With our image annotation tool, we label every image with complete detailing and pixel by pixel annotation. Image annotation basically means labeling an entire image or a specific section of the image with an identification label. We do online image annotation with our unique tool and deliver the finished image exactly as per your business project requirements.

The annotation covers boxes, shapes, 3D figures, lines, spirals, diagrams, semantic presentation, precise pixel segmentation and image classification. So, whether you are training a drone, an automatic conveyor belt or other computer vision based solutions, Merakee Labs is the best choice for all round image annotation services. Our adroit experts tag your image with the best-in-class description and precise metadata to suit your stringent project requirements.

How It Works

Count of Areas identified and marked in the Image Cost Estimation - INR
0-1 Area marked in the Image 03 INR (~ 4 cents)
2-3 Areas marked in the Image 04 INR (~ 8 cents)
4-7 Area marked in the Image 07 INR (~ 10 cents)
7+ Area marked in the Image 11 INR (~ 15 cents)

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